This new ergonomically engineered control relocation kit moves the foot peg positions 140 mm forward and slightly downward, to the standard height of the Centauro model.  It substantially reduces the amount of knee flexing without any significant difference in cornering angle.  Pressure on the hands is reduced and rider comfort is increased.  The original stroke and pressure required for braking and shifting are preserved.  Shift and brake lever positions are adjustable for rider preference in the same manner as the original.  Shift lever position is much easier than original to adjust, with new connecting rod and ball rod end.  All parts are made of heat treated 6061 and 356 aluminum alloy and designed for high strength to weight ratio and long term life.

All necessary installation parts and fasteners are provided, including:

Right Foot peg Bracket

Brake Lever

Left Foot peg Bracket

Shift Lever

Bell Crank

Transmission Connecting Rod

Fasteners and connecting rod are stainless steel.

No special tools are required.

Easy to follow instructions are included

Also available in anodized gold, red and blue on special order.

Manufacturers Suggested Price: $450.00


MGC-SB10 Foot Forward Comfort Pegs, Brake and Shift Controls for Moto Guzzi V11 Sport series motorcycles