Oil pressure is the life’s blood of an engine.  Many motorcycles have only a warning light, which tells you only if there is a minimal pressure available.  What if your pressure is so low at idle, or all the time, that the bearings are being scraped by metal to metal contact?  What if your filter is clogged, or there is an internal engine leak, or the pump is wearing out, or its relief valve is stuck open.  What if oil viscosity is insufficient?  An analog pressure gauge tells you what is happening all the time.  It’s even better when it’s part of a complete kit that puts the gauge right up front where you can see it.

Motratech’s MGP-G10 kit includes a rugged, glycerin filled, 100 psi gauge designed for the vibrations common to motorcycles, and the fittings and adapters you need for quick installation.

The gauge mounting manifold is made of billet aluminum and the engine pressure port adapter is solid machined brass billet.  High pressure/high temperature hydraulic system hose and high vibration tolerant brass compression fittings connect the two.  Stainless steel screws are supplied along with installation instructions.

Manufacturers Suggested Price: $125.00

MGP-G10 Oil Pressure Gauge Kit for Moto Guzzi V11 Sport series motorcycles